The Oscar Litwak Foundation is guided by individuals who selflessly and lovingly give their time and energy to fulfill the mission of the organization. The organization would like to recognize them for their efforts and dedication.


Felicia Greenspan
OLF Board Member

Belinda Hammond
Founder, Child Life Connection
OLF Board Member

Gayle Liker
Speech Pathologist
OLF Board Member

Roberto Litwak
COO at Feher Consulting
OLF President

Sharon Litwak
OLF Executive Director

Mara Pressman
OLF Board Member

Amanda Rudolph Schwartz
OLF Board Member

Jill Schecter
OLF Board Member

Tally Strauss
OLF Treasurer

We are so proud to count among our organization’s leadership with a few exemplary young adults who have chosen to become involved in helping with the mission of The Oscar Litwak Foundation. Our sincere recognition and gratitude to:


Andrea Litwak
UCLA, Freshman

Liana Resnik
Santa Barbara City College, Sophomore

Jessica Litwak
deToledo High School, 10th Grade

Zoey Schwartz
Cleveland Charter High School, 10th Grade

Charlotte Bental
University of Wisconsin, Freshman

Shaun Shpall
deToledo High School, 10th Grade

Nicole Diner
Milken Community Schools, 11th Grade

Hallie Goodman
Santa Monica City College, Sophomore