For my Bat-Mitzvah Chesed project, I chose to support the Oscar Litwak Foundation, the non-profit organization that my family created in honor of my brother Oscar who passed-away from cancer when he was 4 years old. Oscar never got a chance to have a Bar-Mitzvah so for my Bat-Mitzvah I want to honor his memory in a special way. I am going to sponsor a Mobile Playroom that will bring entertainment to kids receiving medical care at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. In addition, I had to spend some time in the hospital last year. During my stay I realized how important it was to have some distraction – it was a scary but also boring experience. I was lucky that my friends and family visited me often and kept me occupied, but not everyone is as lucky. That’s why I am asking for your help. I want to create as many bags as possible that will be filled with different toys and crafts that will be handed to patients when they get admitted to the hospital or when they arrive at the ER. The materials will be age specific and will contain things like crayons, markers, sudoku, magazines, uno, playing cards etc.. The cost for each bag is $10 and they will be delivered to local hospitals in California. Would you consider sponsoring one or more bags and helping me reach my goal of 200 bags? Please make a donation at in honor of Andrea’s Bat-Mitzvah.

Thank you so much for your support

Andrea Litwak