Our dear friend Ferenz will be running his third marathon; this year he takes on the N.Y. City Marathon on November 3. Although it is always fun to root for him, this time is specially exciting and important as he has chosen to run representing The Oscar Litwak Foundation.

Ferenz has generously offered to turn his effort and sweat into funds to help the Foundation “Lift the Spirits of Hospitalized Children” by pledging a donation for each kilometer he succesfully completes in the marathon. Please help us cheer him on and join Ferenz’s effort by also making a pldege for each kilometer he runs during the race. Ferenz’s goal…to raise enough funds ($2,000) to be able to send a Mobile Playroom unit to another hospital where hundreds of children can benefit from it.

Not only is he facing the prospect of finishing the marathon, but also has chosen this particular race to establish a personal record by completing it under 3 hours and 40 minutes! If he does so, he has selflessly offered to double his pledge…to encourage Ferenz to push his own limits and run his best race ever, bet on him by also doubling your pledge if he is able to beat this time.

Thank you Ferenz for allways supporting The Oscar Litwak Foundation and thank you all for supporting Ferenz and this great cause!

Take a look at the NYC Marathon route….

And to make things interesting….some stats about the average times in which the Marathon is finished…(Ferenz just turned 45!)

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