Hi! My name is Jonah and I am raising money to sponsor an Oscar Litwak Foundation mobile playroom for my Bar Mitzvah Project.

Dear Family & Friends,
I am preparing for my Bar Mitzvah in January and am very excited to begin working on my mitzvah project.
I was playing basketball at sleepaway camp and fell and broke my elbow. I was in the ER and had surgery at Cedars Sinai hospital in August. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were amazing and took incredible care of me. I want to give back to Cedars and the amazing doctors and nurses.
After 3 months I am happy to say I am healed and back to playing basketball and golf.
I am going to raise money for the Oscar Litwak Foundation whose mission is to provide every hospitalized child in the U.S. access to play and entertainment while undergoing hospitalization and/or receiving long term medical care. Oscar was my classmate Ilana’s older brother and was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms Tumor, cancer of the kidneys.
The rigors of his treatment forced Oscar to spend many days, weeks, and months at a time in the hospital, and even when he was not admitted as an in-patient, he still received chemotherapy treatments and underwent dialysis for 8 to 10 hours at a time, procedures that confined him to a chair. Whenever he was able, his favorite thing to do while in the hospital was to visit the playroom – he would play with anything and everything available there. Regardless of the pain or how sick he felt, he always found comfort and even a little happiness in play.
Oscar fought a valiant battle against this disease and celebrated his 4th birthday in a hospital bed at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) in California. He passed-away a month later.
A sponsorship of a mobile playroom is $2000 which includes the cart, toys and restockings for 3 years, $700 to refill a cart or make bags for kids which are $10 each. Depending on how much money I can raise, I will donate as much as I can and deliver to Cedars.
Thank you in advance for your support in helping children!