Hi! My name is Ryan and I am raising money to sponsor  an Oscar Litwak Foundation mobile playroom for my Bar Mitzvah Project.

Dear Family & Friends,
With my Bar Mitzvah approaching in August, I wanted to let you know that my Bar Mitzvah project is now underway. Most of you know that I love golf and I have been competing in local youth golf tournaments here in Southern California since the pandemic hit. I am playing in two upcoming tournaments before my Bar Mitzvah and I am looking for sponsors to help me raise money for a charity that means a lot to my family and I.
I am raising money for the Oscar Litwak Foundation (see file attached).  Money raised will go towards funding mobile playrooms for children at LA’s Children Hospital. Each mobile playroom costs $2000 and my goal is to raise enough money to buy at least one mobile playroom for the kids at Children’s Hospital, hopefully more.
I am asking anyone interested in contributing to pledge $5 for each par I make in my two upcoming tournaments (36 holes of golf per tournaments) or $10 per birdie. You can also pledge a lump sum amount of your choice. By combining my love for golf, and my passion for helping children in need, I feel we can help make a difference in these kids’ lives. My parents will also be matching the total amount I raise to contribute to the cause as well.
I hope you can join me in my fund raising efforts. If you are interested, please email me back if you want to contribute a lump sum or the par / birdie option. I will send you more info on the how to send the funds once I hear back from you. As donations come, I will write your name on my lucky golf towel that is always with me!! 
I look forward to seeing you all at my Bar Mitzvah in a month.
Thanks so much!
Ryan Wolk